And The Point Of Me Being Here Is…?

Just got back home after going for a meeting with the chief executive of the academy that I was hoping to gain work experience at, and I can’t help feeling slightly deflated. First impressions are key for me, and often I struggle to change them once they’re in my head.

You have to do something spectacularly amazing if I have you down as a bit of an idiot from our first meeting. On arriving at the academy I asked for the chief exec. and was told, “Go up to the first floor, and you’ll see her office.”

Bearing in mind this is a large building with several doors going off each wall, I was quite pissed off. Also bear in mind that there were girls in leggings and tap shoes parading around the corridors like the kids from Fame, who looked at me like I was a piece of shit on their shoes.

So I walk up the stairs, and see an open office door and pop my head round – a lady on the phone, not even glancing in my direction. Turns out I wasn’t even at the right office and the chief exec. was next door.

I sat down on her nice couch and she bluntly said, “What can you offer us?” Well, if I knew how this place worked then I might be able to tell you. But this was the first time I’d ever been in the building, so my answer was also blunt, “Well, tell me what you do.” So she proceeded to tell me everything that they do, everything they didn’t do, and everything they wanted to do.

I soon figured out it would be my job to design a whole new website, set up a Twitter, organize a staff fundraising session, and sort out a team building day for all of the teachers. Right. I’m here on a voluntary basis – I’m not Gandhi, I can’t perform miracles, so how about we start with some nice admin work so I can remember how to work your old Windows – yes, really.

Shortly after this, she took me on a tour around the building, and I actually enjoyed that part – gorgeous listed building, big dance studios (although no mirrors… wtf?!). She then took me to meet the deputy manager who said, “I’m worried, we have nothing for her to do, and she might be in the way.” Erm, a) I’m right here, and b) don’t be so f***ing cynical.

On from this meeting, we met with one of the dance teachers who were amazing. She was so lovely and very funny – I want to work with her! I was then left alone in the café while everyone was doing their work – why could I not go home?

I got my notebook out and doodled to my heart’s content until Chiefy (new nickname) came back in with all of the staff and called a meeting. Shortly after this I picked up my notepad and left to drive home feeling very deflated, and not sure if I want to be there, nevermind if they want me there.

So, when were you last disappointed? Or when did something you were looking forward to go badly?