A Post-Job Interview Thank You Letter – So Important

Once you’ve completed your academic education, it’s time to find your dream job. The interview is over. As you reflect on how well you think it went, keep in mind the interviewer probably has quite a few people he or she is talking to. It may be weeks before the interview process is winding down.

You did your best to enthrall and impress the interviewer but if you were among the first interview, how can you be sure your face, name, and credentials will stay in the forefront of his memory? The answer is an amazing thank you letter. In this day and age when letter writing is a lost skill, having that skill can mean the difference between who gets the job in the end.

When to Send an Interview Thank You Letter

Time is of the essence. Send the letter within 24 hours of your interview. This accomplishes three things. First doing it quickly means you won’t set the task aside and then forget about it. Second, it will take a few days to arrive. If the interview process is moving swiftly, waiting any longer to remind the interviewer of what a great catch you are could be too late. Third, it shows the interviewer just how serious and dedicated you are about landing this job. It gives him pause to think about you again.

Formats for Interview Thank You Letters

Consider the job you are applying for. Take into account the type of person the interviewer was. Were they serious and all business or was there a more relaxed and casual feel to the interview? Tailor your letter to your reader and ensure to get career advice. However, don’t make the mistake of being too casual. You are still being evaluated and what might seem like humor to you might be misinterpreted by a reader who doesn’t know you well.

What about Second Interviews?

If you are fortunate enough to get a second interview, it means you are in contention for the position. You definitely need to send another thank you letter for the interview. For all you know, the first thank you letter cinched you getting the second interview. Make sure you emphasize your appreciation for the second interview and highlight any discussions that seemed to be the focus of it like a particular set of skills the interviewer was interested in or your willingness to travel. This reminds the interviewer of the particular features he was impressed with about you. Check out also this post about Helping Underachieving Students.

Thank You Letter Tips

Thank everyone you interviewed with. If you saw several people, each person should get a thank you letter. If that is not possible for some reason, make sure you send the letter in the right format to the person responsible for making the hiring decision. Be sure to mention your appreciation for meeting with any others who were present during your interview in the letter you do send.

Spellcheck and double check your grammar. Now would be a terrible time to botch the impression you’ve made with poor writing skills. So you better not only learn how to write a research paper but a great thank you letter as well.

If more than two weeks have passed since your interview, send a follow up thank you letter. Yes, it is a little pushy but it is not overbearing. Someone in the decision-making process may have taken a business trip or vacation. You want to remind them you are still grateful for the interview and let them know you are still interested in their company. To learn more about how to get a student loan, visit this post.